News and Announcements

May 2021

The Submission Cycle for the 2021 NTPEP HFTO Submission Cycle is now open!  You may login to your DataMine account, . Navigate to the High Friction and Thin Overlays Page, and select “Submit an Application” in order to begin the process.  To access the fees and work plan associated with these product evaluations, please click here. The submission cycle closes on Monday, May 31st, 2021.

March 2021

The PBC Submission Cycle is now open! The submission cycle is open from 3/8/2021 to 5/8/2021. Please review the PBC Workplan and log into DataMine to begin submitting products.

February 2021

Click Here for the updated RPM work plan

November 2020

States Usage Survey Update


October 2020

CMP, EBB, GRL, Reinforcing Steel & Wire, and THP Audit Submission Cycles Now Open


If you wish to have your facility participate in the NTPEP Audit Program for CMP, EBB, GRL, REBAR/WWR/WIRE/SSTL/SWS, or THP in 2021, please log onto the NTPEP DataMine website ( ) to complete and submit your application. After November 30th, 2020, the submission cycle will be closed and you will no longer be able to send in an application to participate in the NTPEP Audit Program for next year.


To be sure your application and invoice gets processed in the correct order, please keep the following in mind:


  • Have a copy of your current quality manual available for upload during the application cycle.
  • Please be sure to complete all  steps of the application. To be sure your application has been submitted, the status of your application should change from “in-progress” to “submitted”.
  • Once AASHTO accepts your application, you will receive an email notification letting you know your application has been processed and accepted (this will happen in December).


Lastly, Here are several items to keep in mind when your NTPEP audit is conducted in 2021:


  • Annual audits will be announced approximately one month prior to being performed, pending extenuating circumstances.
  • For any facilities that had their audit timeframe adjust this past year due to COVID, your audit will return to the normal audit month.
  • If you have any restrictions in place for visitors, please let the auditor know when they reach out to you.
  • Test samples for the audit can be gathered from material produced since the last audit. Samples should be selected from product representing the various specifications, grades, sizes, and configurations produced. A detailed explanation of this process is included in the audit announcement letter.
  • The Manufacturer is responsible for the shipment of the samples. Proper care (packaging, identification, tracking, etc.) to limit damage or loss of the sample shipment is the responsibility of the Manufacturer. Loss or damage of the samples will require re-sampling and testing at the Manufacturer’s expense.
  • If your last QMS Desktop Review was in 2016, you’ll be contacted in early 2021 for extra QMS documentation by an auditor to complete your 5-year thorough review.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Matt Bluman, NTPEP looks forward to working with you through this process and in the upcoming 2021 tour. Thank you.

August 2020

Cancellation of 2020 AASHTO NTPEP High Friction and Thin Overlays (HFTO) Test Deck Installation​

This memo serves as a notification NTPEP will not be accepting products in 2020 for the High Friction and Thin Overlays (HFTO) evaluation program. Due to COVID-19, NTPEP does not have a state agency able to install a test deck for these products in 2020.
The Missouri Department of Transportation will be hosting the HFTO test deck in 2021. An email will be sent out in early spring, indicating the submission cycle opening and this will provide you with an opportunity to submit products. Following the closing of the submission cycle, logistics for installing the products in Missouri will be communicated to each participant.
This information is also being relayed to all AASHTO state agencies. Please do not hesitate to contact Katheryn Malusky,, if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate your patience as we work through this situation.​
You may view the formal memo here​.

July 2020

Minutes Now Available from NTPEP Annual Meeting

Minutes from the 2020 NTPEP Annual Meeting have been uploaded to the corresponding technical committee pages.   Please visit to visit the technical committee home pages and select “Meeting Minutes” on the right side of the page.

Fiscal Year 2021 State Contribution Invoices Now Available

State contribution invoices for the 2021 fiscal year are now available for download by visiting this link​. NTPEP appreciates your participation in our technical service program.

NTPEP 2020 Pavement Marking Materials Test Deck Postponement

AASHTO’s National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) has made the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 Pavement Marking Materials (PMM) test deck which was scheduled to be installed in Utah later this summer. Due to the ongoing health and safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with the CDC guidelines and restrictions, the Technical Committee Leadership and NTPEP Management have decided it would be in the best interest of all parties to delay the installation of this test deck to a future date.
A large amount of interstate travel by the manufacturers and contractors/subcontractors of PMM products is required in order to install these products for evaluation, and the installation activities themselves can make it difficult to adhere to social distancing recommendations. Additionally, this is a rapidly evolving situation where some states are already implementing travel restrictions as well as mandatory self-quarantining procedures. With these risks in mind, NTPEP wishes to act with an abundance of caution to protect our state and industry members.
Currently the PMM Technical Committee Leadership, NTPEP staff, and Utah Department of Transportation staff are anticipating late Spring 2021 as the new installation window for this test deck. However, we will need to wait until closer to that time before any final decisions are made. In the interim, we will be keeping a close eye on the situation and will provide updates as often as necessary.
We urge anyone with concerns about this postponement to contact the NTPEP Liaison for PMM, Jonathan Sirianni, at Thank you for your understanding through this challenging time.
You may view the formal memo here​.

COVID-19 Update for AASHTO NTPEP Audit Program- July 9th, 2020

This memo acts as a follow-up sent to you on April 7th and it serves as an update for NTPEP to conducting audits. As you are aware, NTPEP on-site audits have been suspended since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March. Remote audits have been being conducted since that time in order to make sure all facilities have an audit completed in 2020.
NTPEP is now moving toward transitioning back to on-site audits for some locations, depending on a variety of factors. After careful evaluation of CDC and state guidelines, you will be contacted by a NTPEP staff member or a NTPEP contracted Auditor to discuss options for your facility. Remote audits will continue to take place for the remainder of this year in certain instances where conducting an on-site audit is not possible.
This information is also being relayed to all AASHTO state agencies. Please do not hesitate to contact Katheryn Malusky,, if you have any questions or concerns. NTPEP appreciates your patience as we work through this situation.
You may view the formal memo here​.

May 2020 

PMM Field Evaluation Delays/Cancellations​

2017 Wisconsin Test Deck:

  • Fall 2019 readings are collected, but due to staff issues, results still need to be uploaded
  • Next readings tentatively scheduled for June 16-17 pending any workplace restrictions
  • Final readings to be taken in September

2018 Pennsylvania Test Deck:

  • May readings will not be collected due to state mandates associated with COVID
  • 2 year readings are still scheduled to be collected in June
  • Due to COVID, PennDOT will not permit any manufacturers on-site for the 2 year readings

2019 Florida Test Deck:

  • Laboratory sample shipment was delayed until March, samples have now shipped and will be tested over the coming months
  • 5th month Temporary Tape evaluations were cancelled due to COVID
  • 6th month readings will only be taken for Temporary Tapes; Permanent Product readings are cancelled due to COVID
  • Due to COVID, Florida DOT will not permit any manufacturers on-site for readings until further notice

Professional Development Hours Worksheet and ZOOM Guide for Participants

Please utilize this Professional Development Hours (PDH) worksheet to track the hours you accrue for participating in each of the 2020 NTPEP Virtual Meeting Sessions. Type the number of PDHs for each session in the column labeled “Enter PDH”. The worksheet will then automatically add all of your hours up and your total will be included at the bottom of the worksheet.

NTPEP has created a basic guide for ZOOM. Please be sure to review this document before logging on to the NTPEP Virtual Annual Meeting.

April 2020

2020 Annual AASHTO NTPEP In-Person Meeting: Cancelled (All Sessions Will be Conducted Virtually)

After careful consideration, the difficult decision has been made to cancel AASHTO’s 2020 NTPEP Meeting scheduled to begin on June 14 through June 18, in Columbus, Ohio. The health and safety of our members, attendees, volunteers, staff and our host community is of utmost importance to AASHTO.  Given the current environment and projected impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel this is the right thing to do.

All sessions included on the original meeting agenda will be held through ZOOM. These sessions will be held June 15th through June 26th. An agenda, listing the time and date for each session, will be included on the new registration site. If you are interested in participating in these sessions, you will need to register for each session you plan to attend. A registration link will be sent to within the next couple weeks. The registration link will also be available on the NTPEP website. After completing registration to participate in these ZOOM sessions, you will receive an email with the credentials you will use to log into the session you registered for.

We regret having to make this decision, as the NTPEP Meeting has a long tradition of great opportunities for collaboration, information sharing, and relationship building within the State DOT community.  We at AASHTO look forward to the next time we can resume that tradition.

Detailed information on AASHTO’s cancellation policy can be found on this page. If you have any questions, please contact AASHTO’s Director, Meeting & Member Services, Monica Russell.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented circumstances.​​

COVID-19 Update for AASHTO NTPEP Audit Program

Since the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still has strong restrictions in place, beginning immediately, NTPEP will begin conducting remote-audits. A remote audit is an alternate to a traditional on-site audit in which the manufacturing facility, documentation, product sampling, and quality testing are reviewed over live video conferencing. Supporting documentation will be provided digitally to the Auditor. All documentation resulting from the remote audits will be available in DataMine in the same manner on-site audit documentation is provided to both the manufacturers and the AASHTO member departments.
A NTPEP team member will send an invitation via email to those facilities invited to have a remote audit conducted at their facility. Please do not reach out to the NTPEP staff to ask for a remote audit to be conducted at your facility. If you do not receive an invitation, an on-site audit will be conducted at your facility in 2020. Remote audits will only be conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic.​​
Please do not hesitate to contact Katheryn Malusky,, if you have any questions or concerns. NTPEP appreciates your patience as we work through this situation.
You may view the formal memo here​.

Overview of how NCAT is working with AASHTO to provide WMA evaluations

Please visit this link​ to read NCAT’s article on how they are working with NTPEP to provide WMA and ASA evaluations.​

March 2020

Suspension of ECP Sample Notices​

Sample notices for Erosion Control Products are currently halted due to the closure of AASHTO offices. Notices will be sent once our office is back open. Please do not hesitate to contact Courtney Wallace,, if you have any questions or concerns. NTPEP appreciates your patience as we work through this situation.​​ Please visit this link to NCAT’s article of how they are working with NTPEP to provide WMA and ASA evaluations.​

Suspension of Scheduled NTPEP On-Site Audits (located in North America) as a Result of COVID-19 Pandemic

In accordance with what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending and for the safety and health of all parties involved, effective immediately, all NTPEP on-site audits (located in North America) have been suspended through Friday, April 10th, 2020. This is resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic as well as some strict visitor policies some companies have put in place.
A re-evaluation will be conducted on April 10th to determine if the suspension of on-site audits will continue after April 10th. You will receive a memo on April 10th notifying you of the results of this re-evaluation.
For those who are scheduled to have an on-site audit conducted at your facility between now and April 10th, the NTPEP team will work with you to make sure an on-site audit is conducted at your facility in 2020.
This information is also being relayed to all AASHTO state agencies. This is a unique situation and exceptions will need to be made related to the technical aspect for this program.
Please do not hesitate to contact Katheryn Malusky,, if you have any questions or concerns. NTPEP appreciates your patience as we work through this situation.​
You may view the formal memo here​.

February 2020

Discontinuation of NTPEP Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe Audit Program

NTPEP is discontinuing the Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) Pipe Audit Program due to the lack of industry participation in the audit program. NTPEP will utilize the resources for the SRPE Audit Program in another area of NTPEP. Please contact Katheryn Malusky,, with any questions or concerns.

You may view the formal memo here​.

Ballots are out

Ballots were sent out on February 5th for the following committees:

  • GTX/REGEO Work Plan –contact Vince Glick,, with any questions or concerns.
  • CADD Work Plan  –contact Courtney Wallace,, with any questions or concerns.

The due date for your response is Wednesday, February 26th, 2020. Please note that these ballots were sent out to the technical committee members only​. Once the ballot passes the technical committee level, it will move on to be balloted by the NTPEP group.

January 2020

NTPEP Webinar on Membership Roles and Responsibilities

  • Please click here ​to view the webinar on membership roles and responsibilities.
  • You may also view the Technical Committee section of our Information and Operations Guide to review the roles and responsibilities here.

Technical Committee Submission Cycles and Fee Sheets Available

  • ​The NTPEP technical committee submission cycles have been finalized for 2020. Please click here to review the submission cycle for your corresponding committee. Additionally, all technical committee fee sheets have been uploaded to the website. To review the fees for 2020, please visit the technical committee page here, select a committee, and click the “Testing Service Fee” button on the right.

December 2019

Webinar on Roles and Responsibilities within NTPEP Technical Committees

  • NTPEP Technical Committee Members are invited and encouraged to attend this webinar on Jan 22, 2020 02:00 PM EST​ designed to educate you on the responsibilities you have related to the role you play within NTPEP. The webinar will be recorded and available on the NTPEP YouTube channel following the completion of the webinar. If you would like to review the content to be discussed prior to the webinar, please refer to the attached document here. Please contact Katheryn Malusky,, if you are interested in participating.

August 2019

​NTPEP Webinar Presentations are now Available

  • NTPEP recently presented four webinars that were intended to introduce and describe some of the newer product evaluation programs.  These webinars were recorded and are now available for viewing from the following links:  ​​