Asphalt Binder Suppliers (ABS)

The purpose of the Asphalt Binder Suppliers (ABS) program is to provide audit information from manufacturing plants that comply with the Quality Control (QC) and product testing requirements of this program.  AASHTO member departments can then use this information in their quality assurance program for Supplier/product acceptance.  This may include utilizing this information to establish a qualified Manufacturer list, a qualified products list, or both.  By participating in this program, the Supplier agrees to produce product that meets or exceeds the requirements in applicable AASHTO/ASTM Designation Standard(s) and follow the minimum Quality Control provisions of their quality program.

Testing of the Supplier’s product(s) against the applicable standard(s) and auditing the Supplier’s in-plant Quality Control facilities and procedures are included in this program.  The Supplier agrees that NTPEP may use the test results and audit reports along with other relevant information for review and verification of compliance with this NTPEP program and the applicable AASHTO/ASTM Designation Standard(s).

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