Rapid Set Concrete Patch Materials (RSCP)

Rapid-set concrete patch materials are used widely in the transportation industry, from horizontal applications for pavements; to vertical and overhead applications for bridges and structures. According to the NTPEP Project Work Plan which describes the ASTM- and AASHTO- test methods under which products are evaluated, “the study will look at both water-based and non-water-based rapid setting materials used to patch portland cement concrete. These will include cementitious, latex modified, polymer resin, magnesium phosphate, and other materials expressly designed for patching portland cement concrete bridge decks and portland cement concrete pavements. In order to be classified as fast-setting, the product must reach a traffic loadable condition (1200 psi compression) in less than three hours.

The NTPEP Project Panel responsible for authoring the Project Work Plan convenes yearly at the NTPEP National (Annual) Meeting. During this working meeting, the Project Work Plan is discussed; changes made, and shortly thereafter balloted for adoption. Improvements are immediately implemented in the next available testing cycle. When compared to other standards development exercises, the NTPEP process is agile, effective, and efficient.

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  • Nelson Testing Laboratories

NTPEP - Rapid Set Concrete Patch Materials

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NTPEP-Technical Committee on Rapid Set Concrete Patching Materials
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Work Plan
NTPEP tests products according to a Project Work Plan, which describes the laboratory and/or field test protocols used to conduct the evaluation. The Project Work Plan is a consensus-based document and includes peer review and input from industry experts. Each Project Work Plan is adopted after receiving at least two-thirds affirmative support from 52 AASHTO member states. The Project Work Plan is the basis for host states to conduct their testing and evaluation. When implemented by state DOTs, their own state standard specifications may supersede the NTPEP Project Work Plan. Industry is advised to be aware of state-level requirements which may supersede basic NTPEP testing.

​Project Work Plan for Evaluation of Rapid Set Concrete Patch Materials ​

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