Spray Applied Pipe Liners (SAPL)

This committee oversees the work plan that covers the evaluation of cementitious and resin-based spray applied liners for stormwater conveyance conduits. This work plan utilizes laboratory testing to evaluate material used for the spray-applied liner. Different laboratory material testing is required for the resin-based liner versus the cementitious liner. An optional structural test is included in the work plan.

This work plan (located under Documents on the right side menu) is intended to determine the material, durability, application properties, composition properties, and structural capacity of each liner. Acceptability of each material, based upon the data generated as a result of the testing and evaluation in this practice, is the responsibility of the user. Structural design methodologies of spray applied liners are not covered under this standard practice.​

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NTPEP - Spray Applied Pipe Liners

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NTPEP-Technical Committee on Spray Applied Pipe Liners
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Work Plan
NTPEP tests products according to a Project Work Plan, which describes the laboratory and/or field test protocols used to conduct the evaluation. The Project Work Plan is a consensus-based document and includes peer review and input from industry experts. Each Project Work Plan is adopted after receiving at least two-thirds affirmative support from 52 AASHTO member states. The Project Work Plan is the basis for host states to conduct their testing and evaluation. When implemented by state DOTs, their own state standard specifications may supersede the NTPEP Project Work Plan. Industry is advised to be aware of state-level requirements, which may supersede basic NTPEP testing.

Work Plan for NTPEP Evaluation of Spray Applied Pipe Liners​
User Guide for Spray Applied Pipe Liners

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Please go to NTPEP DataMine.

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