Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies (WMA)

AASHTO is pleased to announce the Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies technical committee.

The technical committee convenes yearly at the NTPEP Annual Meeting as well as throughout the year by web conference. During these working meetings, the Work Plan is discussed and revised for balloting. (The Work Plan can be found by clicking on “Documents” on the right side menu.) The technical committee will work to resolve concerns from our state DOT members and industry participants and prepare initial ballots for consideration each fall.

NTPEP Designated Lab:

  • National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT)

NTPEP - Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies

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NTPEP-Technical Committee on Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies
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Please go to NTPEP DataMine.

Please go to NTPEP DataMine.